Elfenn is a dreamer… she was just born like that! Amid two dreams in 2015, she wished to share her graphic imagery when she just settled in Montreal. Much inspired by the city, she chose, in the beginning, postcards as a vehicle for her inspirations.

Her style imbued with sweetness and originality slowly emerged from this vision of Montreal as well as from her training and experience in audiovisual post-production techniques.  Elfenn slowly shifted from video to print, maintaining her favorite creation tool, Photoshop. Animated by photographs, she cuts, assembles, texturizes and colors a vast array of images. Besides Montreal, nature, in particular animals, always have an essential place in her creations. According to Elfenn, animals have a universal quality that reaches out to both young and old!


May 2020, our artisan of the month : Elfenn Manrot

Please follow the link to read more about her (in french only)   Elfenn Manrot.

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Photo du membre
Photo du membre