Isabelle Kapsaskis

Isabelle is our artisan of the month for July 2020.  Please follow the link to know more about her (in french only) : Isabelle Kapsaskis, jeweler

Isabelle graduated from the ‘l’École de joaillerie de Montréal’ in 2010. Afterwards, she traveled for several years and it was actually during the course of a trip between Mexico and Argentina that her passion for jewelry began with the creation of her very first pieces. Back in Montreal, she launched her workshop from home and soon began selling in boutiques. It was during this period, as well, that she started her family, thus combing these two demanding and creative functions, that of a jeweler and a full-time mom! 


Isabelle creates with the same passion that she had when she undertook her voyages, and this fervor manifests itself in her pieces that convey this raw energy.  She designs large textured and organic pieces, mainly in sterling silver, which she likes to combine with a few shades of gold, turquoise or blue.

Isabelle is very sensitive to her environment, and loves to express its different aspects through textures, shapes and colors. The heart of her work lies in the exploration and the evolution of forms and contrasts. She embodies these qualities by manipulating, forging and twisting metal, actions which reflect the very essence and creation of her jewelry!

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