3 ways to personalize your corporate gifts

Corporate gifts are always a great way to recognize the importance of your employees in your success. If you're looking for a unique way to say thank you to those around you at work, l'Empreinte is the place to go to find great gifts for any occasion.

Recently, we introduced you with 5 reasons to give a gift to your employees from l'Empreinte coopérative. In the same vein, today we're offering you today 3 ways to personalize your gifts from l'Empreinte to make them even more unique and rewarding.

  1. Create Customized Items

Are you looking for an original gift idea that will reflect your corporate values while pleasing your employees? L'Empreinte cooperative gives you the opportunity to create custom-made items by one or more of our artisan members. Several options are available to you. Simply contact us and explain your project. It will be our pleasure to help and guide you in the creation of your corporate gifts.

artisanJulie-Soleil Nadeau, artisan weaver

  1. Put your logo or your employee's name on the item

Thanks to the varied skills of our members, many choices are available to you to personalize the items you purchase at L'Empreinte. We have the tools and equipments necessary to put your company's logo or your employees' names on the desired products. The various expertise and skills of our members are our greatest strength at the cooperative. Contact us to discuss the various possibilities. We will be happy to help you personalize your corporate gifts.

logo sur produit

Wooden notebook engraved with a company logo

  1. Accompany your gifts with a beautiful card and a personalized note

Words are always a nice way to express our appreciation to our professional circle. To personalize your corporate gifts even more, why not accompany them with a nice card and a personalised note? We have a stationery section at L'Empreinte that features some unique handmade cards. It's the perfect touch to thank, congratulate or celebrate an employee.

Maple leaf card by our artisan Danièle Grenier

Contact us to discuss your projects. It will be our pleasure to guide you and help you in the realization of your corporate gifts. Our team of dedicated artisans is available to answer your questions at any time.

To reach us, you can call us at (514) 861-4427 or at info@lempreintecoop.com

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