Mathilde Fabry - Textile artisan

Our Artisan of the Month for July 2021

Mathilde Fabry - dans l'atelier- L'Empreinte coopérative

How long have you been a member of L' Empreinte coopérative in Montreal?

I have been a member of the artisan's cooperative since March 2020.

Mathilde Fabry - Octopus - L'Empreinte coopérative

How would you describe your work as an artisan?

I love round, colorful and soft shapes and I also like to play with different textures.

All my stuffed animals start on paper. I do some graphic research, then once I'm happy with the result I create my pattern and do some fabric research. For my more complex patterns, I will go through a 3D modeling step to get exactly the shapes I want. I love to create new patterns, that's why I regularly take orders for custom stuffed animals. I love to make my own stuffed animals.

Mathilde Fabry - renard -mouffette - raton - L'Empreinte coopérative

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Tell us about your accomplishments as an artisan.

Being totally self-taught, I am really proud to see that my creations are adopted by children all over the world and that they accompany and reassure them. From time to time, I receive messages from parents who thank me because their child can't do without their Petit loulou plushie, it's the nicest compliment I can receive.

I am also very proud to be part of the 1840 print and factory, because it represents a recognition of my work.

I have also made stuffed animals for TV shows and commercials and it is always a pleasure to see them on screen.

Mathilde Fabry - au travail - L'Empreinte coopérative

Tell us about your favourite products available at L'Empreinte.

I think my owl and my moon are my favorite products. I'm never tired of making them, I still love them. I actually wrote a little story with a friend about these two stuffed animals that is on my blog. Sully the little owl is afraid of the dark, and the moon is going to teach him to tame his fears and love the night.

I also love my little sewing kits, because they allow anyone to learn how to make their own little plushie.

Mathilde Fabry - Kit de couture - L'Empreinte coopérative

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As an artisan, what does it mean to you to be part of l'Empreinte Coopérative ?

Being part of the L'Empreinte coopérative is a recognition of my work. It has also allowed me to meet and learn about the work of different artisans. I find it exciting to discover the different techniques and inspirations of each. I have also made some great friendships. Finally, being part of the l'Empreinte allows me to get out of my workshop and meet customers throughout the year.

Mathilde Fabry - coussin chouette - L'Empreinte coopérative

Do you have a special memory or moment related to L'Empreinte coopérative that you would like to share with us on this page?

The most memorable moment for me was the selection interview to become a member. I was very stressed and had prepared a whole speech... my stuffed animals did all the work for me. I had to say a quarter of what I had planned. On my way out, I had the pleasure of running into Margie again, whom I had met at in artisans's markets. We were lucky enough to be caught together and had the opportunity to really get to know each other.

Mathilde Fabry - Lune Étoile - L'Empreinte coopérative

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Mathilde Fabry - petit loulou logo - L'Empreinte coopérative

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