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Coop life

Our mission

“When they organize an artists’ coop, those who become its founding members gain a combined gallery and artists’ market that truly reflects who they are. They also create a place for themselves where they can learn from each other and grow, both individually and as a group.”

– Chantal Auger, ceramicist and founding member of L’Empreinte coopérative

For 45 years, L’Empreinte coopérative has based its actions on one underlying aim: providing an exclusive showcase to Québec craftspeople, artists and designers. Founded on April 27, 1974, the coop is known for breaking new ground in the fine arts and crafts. Not only is L’Empreinte remarkable for its longevity — it is one of the oldest gallery stores in Québec dedicated to showcasing works by local artists — but also for being one of the few businesses of its kind to remain entirely member-run.

Since its inception, some 270 members have contributed to its growth and visibility, based on a management model that lets them work both individually as artists and collectively as entrepreneurs. Together, its member artists share a vision of working in solidarity to obtain better services and act democratically in the interests of their own business development.

Our photo history

Since 1974, our activities have been documented and preserved in images that we are delighted to share with you. Our photo archive enshrines precious moments from our history and pays tribute to the many dedicated artists who have made L’Empreinte coopérative what it is today.

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The boutique

Nestled in Old Montréal, our craft boutique is a beautiful, timeless destination that’s worth the trip. Here, clean lines, exquisite displays, impeccable taste and inimitable cachet combine to make shopping a memorable experience. You’ll also find qualified sales staff who are more than happy to guide you through the array of products to help you find that rare pearl.

Over the years, our store has become a byword for fine handcrafted items. From jewellery to fashions, toys and games, ceramics, tableware and more, each product is unique, original, stunningly contemporary and 100% made-in-Québec. Having artists on hand to discuss their work also contributes to L’Empreinte’s special character. Since 1974, the work of some 500 Québec craftspeople, artists and designers has graced our shelves. Today, we present the creations of our 23 member artists and 70 guest artists.