3 in 1 earrings


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3 in 1 earrings. Each earring is composed of three separate pieces that come apart. Depending on your mood or your clothing, choose the combination that will suit you!


The loops are all handmade, one by one : a first bronze plaque covered with white powder coating, a second bronze burned and powdered turquoise powder coating and a ring with a stem in 925 silver.


Each product is handmade, it can vary slightly from the picture.


MATÉRIAUX : sterling silver / bronze / white and turquoise powder coating



  • earrings with 3 detachable pieces
  • sterling silver loops
  • bronze with white powder coating
  • bronze with turquoise powder coating


ORIGIN : Montreal, Qc

DIMENSIONS : 2 x 3 x 1.5 cm

WEIGHT : 8 g

CODE : 166 1012

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Product by: Isabelle Kapsaskis


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