Ice cream truck plant vase


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Put some sweet in your home with this ice-cream truck porcelain plant vase by Julie Richard. This small ceramic vase is perfect to accommodate succulents & cactus plants. When this vase is placed in a room, it adds a touch of joy to your home. Each vase is hand painted, which makes it unique.

Each product is handmade, and can vary slightly from the picture.

MATERIALS : Ceramic/Clay/Porcelain
• Perfect for Succulents & Cactus Plants
• The inside is covered with a glaze for waterproofing
• There are no holes for draining so you should put some small stones at the bottom before putting the soil.
• Plant is not included

ORIGIN : Montreal
DIMENSIONS :11 x 6 x 7 cm
WEIGHT : 200g
CODE : 977 0070

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Product by: Julie Richard


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